Are You The Proud Owner Of A New Truck? Here Are Some Basic Maintenance Procedures To Be Aware Of

New trucks

If you’ve recently purchased a new car such as a ram truck or chrysler, you’re probably already enjoying its luxury. However, it’s important to stay on top of routine maintenance procedures such as oil changes and tire rotations. Here is some basic maintenance information for new trucks.


Oil changes are absolutely critical for all vehicles, but moreso for trucks in the fact that they’re usually used for more rugged purposes. Oil helps the gears of the car run smoothly and prevents and buildup of residue, dirt, grime, and debris. Most retailers and mechanics recommend getting your new truck’s oil changed between every 5,000 and 7,500 miles for best results and to keep the engine running as smooth as possible. For more information about the exact details of how often your new truck or car should be having its oil changed, contact the auto service center you bought it from or see a mechanic.

Tire Rotation:

Having your truck’s tires rotated regularly is just as important as getting its oil changed, and for the exact same reason — many people use trucks for more rugged purposes, so they frequently have more wear and tear associated with the vehicle and its use. Getting your new vehicle’s tires rotated assures that the tread wears evenly, and you won’t need to replace one or two tires at different times than the remaining tires. Keeping tires aligned and properly attended to should be an absolute priority if you want to make sure you’re being as safe as possible on the road. To avoid sliding and skidding out, make sure your tires are properly set and rotated. Again, talk to your mechanic for more specific information about how often your vehicle’s tires should be rotated.

Ultimately, these are two major maintenance procedures you can’t ignore on any new vehicle, especially a new truck. For more information about auto service centers near you, contact a professional.

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