A Little Goes A Long Way Using Machine Tools To Extend The Lifespan Of Your Equipment

Good equipment requires good maintenance.

It doesn’t matter how expensive your purchase or how rarely you use your lathe…failing to use machine shop services on a regular basis puts you and your business at risk for an inconvenient clog in the middle of nowhere. The art of the machine tool has been used for thousands of years. No matter how far we advance in technology, the need to constantly buff, wipe down and clean out our tools has never changed. Taking the initiative now to keep your small material hoist or lathe working like a charm will pay off big time later.

Here are five simple things you should know about machine services.

Machine Tools Have Been Used For A Long Time

The cost of rebuilding tools is much higher than simply investing in a good machine tool to keep your equipment running smoothly. This logic has remained pervasive throughout human history, all the way back when the most complex machinery were water mills and bows. The lathe is one of the most ancient tools as we know it, believed to have been first created in ancient Egypt. The first machine tools recorded into existence were the bow lathe and the bow drill, with some historians agreeing they date all the way back to 1200 B.C.

Your Machine Tool Needs To Be Maintained, Too

Not only does your equipment need the aid of machine tools to work smoothly, your machine tools need to be taken care of if they’re to do their job. The function of a machine tool is to shape metal, with their wide array of functions including boring, turning, facing and threading. They’re required to be hard and durable, as even a minor lapse in their density can keep them from helping you achieve peak efficiency. To avoid machine tool repairs you need to make sure you regularly use oil rags, store properly and keep your tools away from extreme heat.

Strange Noises Should Be Checked Out

One of the first signs you might need to use a machine tool to take care of your small material hoist or lathe is a strange sound. Machine tool parts that constantly rub together need to be well lubricated at all times to avoid damages. The gibs on a lathe, for example, need to be regularly adjusted to avoid unnecessary friction that can wear down the machine prematurely. Unusual noises like grinding, clanking or scraping might be signs you need to get a professional inspection done instead. There’s no shame in admitting you could use some extra help.

Keep Your Basics Close At Hand

Your small material hoist, Sumner lifts and genie lift repair all have the same basic foundation. They need to be well-oiled, checked on a daily basis and provided the very best upkeep to extend their lifespan. Oil rags can dry out prematurely, so make sure they’re appropriately slick and take care to replace them once they become dry. The chip and gram on a lathe machine should never be cleaned with high pressure air, as that could potentially introduce air bubbles into the machine’s crevices and affect its performance.

Reach Out To A Machine Tool Repair Service

When you’re not sure just how well you’re tending to your small material hoist or lathe, a machine shop can meet you halfway. They can help you check the drive belt on your lathe to make sure it’s providing the proper amount of tension and consistency. They can also provide you consultation to make sure you’re not using incorrect maintenance methods. Regular upkeep with machine tool is a cost-effective measure that extends the lifespan of your machine while making sure it can work to the furthest of its ability. It’s the very essence of a little effort going a long way.

Become comfortable with the art of maintenance. Look into a lathe repair service before your machine starts showing its wear and tear.

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