A Guide to Buying Cars

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The age of sixteen is a birthdate that many people in the United States long for the day that they enter high school. this is because the United States has a tradition that not many other places across the globe do. Parents will begin saving money early for this birthday because it is viewed as one of the most important birthdays next to someone turning the age of 21.

In the United States, when someone turns sixteen it means that they are able to drive. So parents across the country will begin saving money for this date so that way they can provide a car from the car dealerships. Buying a car is not easy and as a matter of fact, 43% of all people believe that car dealerships allow them to learn more about financing a new car than any other place.

Unfortunately for many Americans, there is no car buying guide that they can look to in their time of need. However, there are some facts that will be listed here in this article that could formulate a nice car buying guide to help people with this important purchase. Here is a solid car buying guide for people looking for new trucks, new cars, and everything in between.

For many people in the United States, they wish that there was a legitimate car buying guide that they could look at for tips and tricks. Most people loathe going to car dealerships that same way that most people hate having to visit the dentist. That right there is a strong reason as to why people long for a car buying guide.

One of the most important facts to know in this car buying guide is that just about 43% of all people are financing their vehicle. There is not enough room in this car buying guide to fully break down the benefits of financing a car and the negatives as well. However, it is important to just know the statistics previously mentioned that goes to show a lot of people believe in financing a car.

During the course of an average vehicle’s lifespan, it will be owned by three different people. This goes to show how often used vehicles are swapped and purchased between Americans. Furthermore, every single year there are more than 40 million cars that are exchanged between dealerships or private-party buyers and sellers. This is an important part of the car buying guide which points to the fact there is a lot of car transactions each year.

By the time that we reach the year of 2021 there are projections that show that more than 20 million cars on the road will be over the age of 25. So this projection displays the fact that used cars are not going to go anywhere. According to this car buying guide, people are going to continue buying used cars for quite some time.

Research and studies were conducted in the year of 2016 that resulted in some interesting revelations for this car buying guide. This research revealed that there were over 2.6 million pre-owned sales for cars in the year of 2016. It also revealed that in the year of 2016 the sales of light trucks went up by about 7%. As a matter of fact, in that year the number of vehicle sales in the United States came out to be about 60% and cars were around 40%.

In Conclusion

As previously mentioned there is no such thing as full-proof and untouchable car buying guide in the world. Instead, there are only tips and tricks that you can read up on before buying or leasing a car. Do not trust just this car buying guide but instead consult with people in the area including financing experts and also car dealerships. While some people do not think that car dealerships will help them, they will actually be incredibly honest when trying to help someone get the real facts on buying and financing a car.

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