6 Common Motorcycle Fuel Pump Problems You Should Know

Riding a motorcycle offers a more thrilling experience than driving a vehicle. The ability to attain top acceleration speeds with fresh breeze massaging your face, and taking in breathtaking views is simply buzzing. However, when it comes to taking care of a motorcycle, many bike owners lack enough knowledge of basic bike components such as fueling motorcycle parts.

Motorcycle fuel pumps operate on the same fuel system principles as vehicles, and their primary function is to deliver fuel to the engine for combustion. Thus generating sufficient torque to power your motorcycle without sputtering. Fuel pump failure is a common problem in motorcycles and often result in serious engine’s fuel supply issues.

The following failure signs in motorcycle fuel pumps can help detect a problem allowing quick fuel pump repair.

1. Loud Whining or Droning

One major sign of a failing or an old motorcycle fuel pump is a clear loud whine or howl when operating. This is an indicator that there is something wrong with the fuel pump as it seems to work twice as harder as it should. Optimal operating fuel pumps are should have a quiet humming sound instead. If your bike isn’t that old but still experience whining noise coming from your fuel tank, confirm the fuel getting in is clean as it can also be the factor. Consider replacement fuel pump if your’s is completely damage beyond fixing.

2. Engine Surging

Another common sign of a malfunctioning motorcycle fuel pump is surging. This normally happens when a smoothly running motorcycle suddenly surges forward as it too much gas is been fed in. When there is fluctuating fuel volume or pressure is injected into the fuel pumps, the pump motor forms irregular resistance resulting in power surges.

3. Sputtering Engine

Motorcycle engine sputtering is typically caused by an often serious issue within the fuel system. Some of the reasons for this may include carburetor, spark plug, and fuel system. A dirty or clogged carburetor can make your engine worker extra hard leading to sputtering. Confirm your spark plug is in good condition. Also, when the fuel system delivers too much or insufficient fuel to be ignited it can cause the engine to sputter.

4. Engine Fails to Start or Stalls

If you overlook some of these warning signs your bike may end up not working; the engine won’t start. This normally happens when a fuel pump becomes completely malfunction in that fuel doesn’t get to the engine when igniting. Mostly the engine will crank upon ignition but never pick up power. Inspect your fuel pump to check where the problem is. Watch out for a blown fuse, damaged spark plugs, clogged air filter or a fuel leak. Consider repairing or replacement depending on the condition of the fuel pump or engine parts.

5. Low Gas Mileage

It’s important to track how much and often do you fuel your bike. Motorcycle fuel pumps are fitted with relief valves which help regulate the amount of fuel entering the engine system. If a relief valve fails to open, more fuel gets in the engine and ends up been wasted. If your bike has great gas mileage and suddenly start to guzzle fuel, it could be that the fuel pump is faulty.

6. Abnormal Temperature

Though it’s normal for bike engines to get hot due to internal fuel combustion, abnormally high or low temperatures can be an indicator of fuel pump motor problems. Most bikes are designed with efficient cooling systems that help regulate temperature. But if there is an issue with the cooling system in that not enough air is being distributed to cool the engine, the oil inside will heat up and become thin failing to offer maximum lubrication. As a result, the piston will have a problem moving which will cause the engine to stall.

Motorcycle fuel pumps are built to last. However, they end up experiencing wear and tear over time losing their ability to deliver fuel efficiently. If you’ve attained high mileage with your bike, it may be wise to consider the replacement fuel pump. Also ensure your fuel tank is not below a quarter.

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