6 Car Maintenance Tips That Anyone Can Do

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It is so secret that Americans love their cars. That does not always translate into doing what is best for our vehicles. There are some things all car owners can and should to to make sure their vehicles stay healthy and happy. Basic maintenance steps such as going for oil change services to taking care to not drive aggressively. If you want to keep your car running, follow these tips:

  1. Go for an oil change as recommended. Every make and model of car is different. If you are not sure how often you need to have the oil change done, one rule people follow is to do it after every 5,000 miles. You should talk to the dealer or the manufacturer of your car model to see what they recommend both in terms of how often you need to have your oil changed but what the best oil is for your kind of car. Not all cars play nice with all kinds of oil. Some cars need synthetic oil while others run better on traditional kinds of oil. Using the wrong kind of oil can do more damage than good to your engine so you need to pay attention to what works best with your vehicle. The last thing you need is for the oil change to damage your car.
  2. Pay attention to the pressure of your tires. This is important for a number of reasons. When tires are underinflated, a whole host of problems can ensue. In the first place, that is the number one cause of premature wear and tear on the tire. It can even cause your tired to just wear out, tear out or blow out. Cars whose tires are underinflated do not get the same gas mileage. They can get between s% and 10% less from the gas you put in the car than cars that have the right inflation level. Cars running on these tires also have more of a chance to hydroplane in rainy weather. If you overinflate your tires, you will have a different set of problems. When car tires have too much air, you will also have issues with the wear and tear. You are better off getting your own gauge so you will get an accurate reading.
  3. Pay attention to your air filters. Depending on the age of your car, dirty or clogged air filters can reduce your gas mileage by as much as 14%. In terms of the inside of your car, you will have a better experience driving your car when you also pay attention to the filters that keep the air you breathe clean and clear. If you have allergies, you will find you have a lot more problems with them when you ignore your cabin’s air filters. Keep an eye on these and change as needed.
  4. Keep your car clean. Your paint is the first line of defense for your car. If you live in a colder climate, where there is snow and the corresponding salt that is put on the roads, keeping your car clean throughout the winter will make a big difference in keeping your paint job looking its best and keeping it in the best shape to protect your car.
  5. Twice a year you should get new windshield wipers. A good time to do that is at the beginning of the spring and then at the start of autumn. Your windshield wipers take a lot of abuse. Just sitting on the window, they are bombarded by the rays from the sun. They are also exposed to chemicals, salt and road grime. This can make them not work as well. Changing out your wipers can make your car safer.
  6. Drive gently. This is not a car maintenance tip but is worth noting. When people drive around and are aggressive, they will experience gas mileage that is about 33% less when they are on the highway and about 5% less when they are in he city. This is compared to drivers who are more relaxed. Road rage can also be bad for your health.

By following these tips, you can prevent the need for pricey auto repair services. Remember, prevention is a lot more affordable than the cure.

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