5 Fluids You Should Always Be On Top of in Your Car

Transmission shop

Your car is a highly complex machine that requires a lot of parts to be working properly in order to run. From gas to a transmission flush, one of the things they rely on most is the maintaining of the various fluids they run on. Here are five fluids you should always keep an eye on in order to ensure your car is running smoothly.

  1. Oil
    Oil is one of the key fluids your car runs on. Left unchecked, it could cause a whole host of problems for your vehicle. Each car is different when it comes to how much oil you use, however if you notice your car is using more than usual, it’s worth taking it into an oil and transmission shop to see if there’s a problem. The standard time to have it checked is over every six months or every 3,000 miles, though you should check your car’s manual to see if this is different for your vehicle.
  2. Transmission
    The transmission in your car makes the gears run smooth, thus making it a very important fluid to stay on top of. Your car needs to be running in order to check it, so if you are uncomfortable with this, it’s recommended you take it in for a transmission service. Transmission repair is usually needed if your fluid is burnt smelling or brown, in which case a transmission flush is usually needed.
  3. Coolant
    Coolant keeps your car from overheating. You can check it when your vehicle is turned off and cool. It’s recommended you check it twice a year and get it changed out once every two to three years.
  4. Brake Fluid
    As its name suggests, brake fluid is responsible for letting your car break. As such, it should never be low, but checking it is still a good idea. It should be replaced about every two years.
  5. Power Steering Fluid
    Power steering fluid helps make steering your car smooth and easy. You might hear some unfamiliar creaking noise or feel more resistance in the steering wheel when it gets low.

From an oil change to a transmission flush, it’s important to maintain an upkeep on your vehicle fluids. They allow your car to run smoothly and easily and save you a lot of frustration when they allow the car to work at peak performance.

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