3 Reasons to Go to a Subaru Car Dealership

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Buying a used car from a generic used car lot is tempting; after all, you’ll be getting rock-bottom prices for your chosen vehicle. But there are several advantages to working directly with a qualified dealer—not least of which is the peace of mind you’ll have knowing your car won’t fail on you within a week or month. Below are three reasons you should consider working with a Subaru car dealership when buying your next vehicle.

  1. More Customization Options

    The greatest advantage of buying a new car through local car dealers is that you can pick out exactly what you want and have it shipped to you from the auto manufacturer through the dealer. This may or may not be more expensive than picking out a car already on the lot, but it’s almost always a better value; you can get all the things that offer you more functionality and comfort, while avoiding the costs of useless extras you’ll never enjoy.

  2. The Best Financing Offers

    New car dealers can often provide better financing rates than you can get on used cars—sometimes even better direct financing rates than you can obtain through your bank or credit union, since your dealer can provide access to special rates from automakers. Your rate will be even lower if you have good credit and can arrange a shorter loan term. Qualified buyers of new cars can get 0% financing on many five-year and shorter loans.

  3. Easier Service

    When it comes around to servicing your car, you’ll be glad you worked with a Subaru car dealership. A dealer’s service department typically specializes in only the kinds of cars it sells, meaning that you’ll be getting the most knowledgeable mechanics working on your car. Additionally, you may have a warranty, since you bought new. And you’ll almost undoubtedly pay less in repairs on a newer car than you would have on a used car.

Do you prefer to buy new, or used? What have the costs been in your experience? Share in the comments. References: hudiburgnissan.com

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