10 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Used Car

Nissan dealer

It is no secret that auto sales can be daunting, especially if you are unfamiliar with the auto dealers you are going to. Pre owned cars can cause some confusion as you will want to know everything about the car’s past before you drive it off the lot. In order to buy a car you are satisfied with, here are some questions to ask your salesperson when buying used cars.

1. Does it have a clean Carfax History report?

You will want to make sure the auto dealers are incredibly transparent with the vehicle’s past. No one wants a car that is great on a test drive, but has a history of brake failure or engine problems. A few fender benders are not a problem, but a history of major accidents can cause loads of problems.

2. Has the car ever been repainted?

3. Is the interior in good condition, meaning does it smell like smoke, do the locks and window features work, and is the stereo in working condition?

4. Do every features work?

Make sure to ask about cruise control, 4-wheel-drive, turn signals, brakes, windshield washing fluid, the rear and front defrosting components, and the emergency brake.

5. Does the car leak any fluids or other materials?

6. Will the car be able to pass the specific safety standards it needs to be drive-able?

7. Is the car licensed, have a title, and have proper registration documentation?

8. Can I open up the hood?

You do not want to trust what the previous owner has to say about the engine’s condition, so look under the hood and take the car for a test drive so you can see for yourself what exactly is going on.

9. Ask for the maintenance history

This is different from the Carfax report as this is not a previous accident report. It will tell you what work was done on the car and when. It is a large red flag when the car has had a lot of maintenance, as those problems will likely carry over to you.

10. Ask about the mileage

Each car comes with a mileage where the manufacturer does not guarantee a warranty. Ask what this is, and then if the car is above that, ask why.

Just keep these questions in mind when you are shopping and you will find your perfect car!

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